In general, the couple spent yesterday under pressure, because after yesterday's session highs at 1.3640 marks began an 8-hour reduction, and only the good old level of 1.3575 was able to provide decent support. From him, and the pair bounced, returning above 1.36 and closed Thursday trading at 1.3611, which is below the 200 EMA, to gain a foothold on which yet did not succeed. It is worth to note that at the Daily support during yesterday's decline had Tenkan and Kijun of Ichimoku indicator who now crossed at around 1.3592 and ready to continue to support the couple. At the


Resistance levels (open interest ** contracts)

$ 1.3643 (3003)

$ 1.3615 (1555)

$ 1.3575 (71)

Price at time of review writing: $ 1.3543

Support Levels (** open interest contracts):

$ 1.3511 (1010)

$ 1.3495 (3712)

$ 1.3473 (4546)


- Overall open interest on the CALL option with an expiration date at July 3 - 28378 contracts, with the maximum number of contracts tied to strike $ 1.3700 (3448);

- Overall open interest on the PUT options with an expiration date at July 3 - 40,990 cont
Oil has risen amid concerns that tensions in Iraq could cause instability in supply. Islamists declared that took full control of the oil city of Kirkuk in the north of the country and said that will march on Baghdad.

On Friday, the International Energy Agency said that shipments from the country until has no danger. Escalation of the conflict in Iraq provoked an increase in oil prices and the appreciation of the dollar and thus reduction in the demand for the stock markets, despite the positive news in the U.S. technology sector.

From a technical standpoint the oil came out of
The coming week will be full of events, publishing a variety of macroeconomic statistics, corporate reporting, meetings, and performances of officials. The focus of investors will continue to be events around Ukraine. Next week, U.S. President Barack Obama will be in Europe on an official visit, so that opportunities for consultation with European leaders on new anti-Russian sanctions it will be enough. This topic is likely to be discussed at the Summit of the leaders of the G7, which will be held June 4-5 in Brussels. In turn, Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit June 5-6 visit to Fra
Volume of wholesale orders in the U.S. increased significantly in April, exceeding the expectations of experts.

DOC said, wholesale inventories rose by 1.1% after the same growth in March. Forecast was 0.6%.

The data showed that wholesale sales rose by 1.3% in April after a 1.6% rise in March. Sales to reserves amounted to 1.18 months in April.

Negligible impact on the euro had a French data. National Institute of Statistics INSEE said that industrial production in France rose in April, almost blocking the decline in March, and was on par with the experts' forecasts. According to the
After reaching new record marks during yesterday's trading session Basic background U.S. indices changed, showing a negative trend. Upon reaching new records for yesterday’s trading S & P 500 retreated.

By the opening of regular trading, it became known that the volume of wholesale orders in the U.S. rose in April, exceeding the expectations of experts. DOC reported that wholesale orders rose by 1.1%, which was in line with the March figure. Projected growth was 0.6%. Inventories a
Stock market

From the list of representatives of the stock market can allocate shares of Ford, taking into account that the company announced positive sales figures in May in the U.S. and China, which surpassed the expectations of experts. Ignoring the fact that the quotes started to rise in mid-May, we can assume that the asset is in the beginning of an uptrend. From the beginning, Ford skidded within a fairly narrow range, but still was able to resume growth, which from January to date is 7%. It seems that in the neighborhood of $ 15 asset "bottomed" and now with the
Футболисты "Баварии" Филипп Лам и Томас Мюллер подписали новые соглашения с клубом

Игроки "Баварии" Филипп Лам и Томас Мюллер подписали новые контракты с клубом, сообщает официальный сайт мюнхенцев. Оба футболиста являются воспитанниками чемпионов Германии. Соглашение первого рассчитано до 30 июня 2018 года, второго – до 30 июня 2019 года. Этим летом в СМИ появлялась информация об интересе к Мюллеру со стороны "Манчестер Юнайтед".

– Филипп Лам и Томас Мюллер являются важными элементами при строител
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